Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 3766

It really is becoming difficult to remember what day it is. Every day is exactly the same. I'm finally getting enough sleep, but oddly it doesn't leave me feeling refreshed. I'm just as tired as I ever was. This would be the perfect time to embark on major projects, but it's hard to get motivated. I could use the time to finally clean out my office. I could clean up the back yard and put in some new grass. I could redesign my website or make a real effort to build my stock photo library. There are literally dozens of worthwhile home improvement projects that could use my attention. How to you get motivated when you know there is no urgency? I don't work well without a deadline. When time is suspended, everything can wait until tomorrow, or next week, or even next month.

Somewhere people are under tremendous pressure to save the world. It seems weird when the role you have been assigned in this effort is to stay home and do nothing. I'm actually very good at doing nothing. Should I give lessons? I could make a YouTube video but it would never get finished. When you are an expert at doing nothing, you rarely finish anything.

The fact that my daily routine hasn't changed one bit makes the pandemic seem like it's off in another universe somewhere. My own little neighborhood seems pretty normal. I'm glad that Texas hasn't imposed draconian rules like some other states. Stores are closed but the parks are still open. We walk Dawn every day and and wave at the neighbors who are out gardening in their yards or walking their own dogs. Until I turn on the television it's easy to forget than anything is wrong.

Today was beautiful. The sky was blue and the temperature was in the mid-sixties. Dalmatians love this type of weather. Janet and I walked Dawn five miles today and she didn't even seem that tired when we returned home. I was a little tired though. I need some new walking shoes. Shoes are one thing I hate to order online. I really need to try them on.

Since the weather was nice, I resumed my roof repairs. I think I've found all the bad areas, but the next time it rains, I'll find some more. There hasn't been a leak for quite a while now. I'm slowly working up my nerve to repair the sheetrock on the inside of the house. I'm superstitious though. As soon as I fix the ceiling, I'm convinced that the leak will appear again.

I'm also working up my nerve to repair my desktop computer myself. I watched some more YouTube repair videos today. The first video made the repair process look extraordinarily difficult. After watching for twenty minutes, I realized that I was looking at the wrong computer. This wasn't even the one I owned. When I found the correct video, the repair still seemed hard enough that I could easily screw things up. I still might give it a try. I learned today that it is possible to replace my hard drive with a super fast solid state drive. A customized computer always sounds appealing.

When I was exploring other repair options I learned that FedEx and UPS aren't delivering to non-essential companies. Apparently they are only delivering to residences during the pandemic. A repair shop told me that they could do the repairs but that I would have to get the parts myself and bring them with me. When the repair technician started coughing badly on the phone, I decided that it might be better to just do the repair myself.

The trash has been taken to the curb. Garbage pickup is still considered essential. There won't be any Friday morning breakfast outings for a while though. Some of my favorite restaurants will probably never reopen.

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