Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 7

I finally made a dent in my Christmas list.  Went to Aaron Brothers in Inwood Village this morning and begged Issac and Robert to frame a rather large picture in time for Christmas. I really didn't think they'd do it on such short notice, but they've always been good to me. Aaron Brothers has framed all my gallery shows and they came through for me again, promising that they'd have the picture ready for me by Christmas Eve.  On the way home, I stopped by Northpark to do some more shopping.  Not surprisingly, it took me longer to find a parking place than to find the gifts I was looking for.

Met Alan Lidji for lunch today. I always admire the way Alan keeps looking forward. I have a tendency to look backward, becoming instantly nostalgic about almost everything. Even things I hated at the time tend to look rosy in retrospect. If I was looking forward, I probably wouldn't even be writing this blog. I'd be putting funny, ironic little videos on YouTube instead.

Put together two more Kuranda dog beds after dinner, so Janet can take them down to the new rescue dogs tomorrow morning. About 9 PM I thought I was all done for the day and I was just about to treat myself to a Scotch when I realized I hadn't even taken the Watch of the Day picture yet.

Dalmatian of the Day

    Watch of the Day

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