Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 6

It's hard to believe that there are only four more days until Christmas.  As usual, I haven't even come close to finishing my Christmas shopping. I am a habitual last minute shopper.  I continually find myself walking through empty stores on Christmas Eve, wondering why there isn't a better selection of things to buy. As I grow older, there aren't as many people to buy for anymore, but still it's nice to think you understand your friends well enough to get them something they actually want. I hate to resort to gift cards, even though most folks would much rather have a gift card than a wild guess at what's on their wish list.

It was surprisingly busy today, considering that half of my clients have already left for the holidays.  I went down to Unleashed this afternoon to talk about doing event photography for them next year. My company doesn't do all that much event photography, but it's become an important source of revenue for the Dalmatian  Rescue group I work with. We're put together a team that takes fabulous Santa Claus pictures at Christmas and now we're trying to expand to other holidays. Unleashed is going to let us have a Valentine's Day fundraiser down at their facility next February. Who knows, if this works there's Mother's Day, Fourth of July...all sorts of reasons to have another picture of your pet.

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