Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 28

I wish I had a bigger house. I'm continually taking things down to the storage warehouse because I can't find any place to put them. On the other hand, I'm continually bringing things back from the storage warehouse because I stored them away by mistake and I actually need them. Back and forth I go. I guess I have enough closet space, but it would be nice if the closet wasn't five miles away.

When I was looking for a watch to photograph for today's watch of the day, I discovered four more watches that need new batteries. The Epson 4000 printer is clogged again too. It would be nice if a lucrative new project would come through the door that would allow me to junk all my aging equipment and just start over. Of course, I wouldn't really throw it away. I would just take it all down to the storage warehouse where it could join the rest of my obsolete machinery. Maybe when I retire, I could start a museum of obsolete technology. We could start with the two Osborne 1 computers that are gathering dust in a corner and then move on to the very first Macintosh 512K. Remember Commodore?  Sequential Circuits? They're all there somewhere.

Although I'm just as comfortable booting the office computers from an old System 9 drive and working with fifteen year old software as I am using the latest version of Snow Leopard, there are still a few new things I lust after. I've started seeing leaked photos recently of the new Apple tablet that will be introduced later this year. I may have to get one of these. Finally, an iPhone with a big enough screen for me to actually use.

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  1. Obsolete computer equipment? I still have an old Apple II and an IBM XT, neither of which work any more, in my attic at home.