Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 29

I had lunch with Harry Harrison today. Harry and I both began our careers as copywriters during advertising's Jurassic period . We worked together at Bozell & Jacobs and later at Stern Monroe. I don't think either of these agencies even exist anymore. Nothing from that era really exists anymore, unless you watch it on an episode of Mad Men.

Over the years, I did less and less writing and began branching out into photography and filmmaking. Harry kept writing though. Now, he is a best selling author. You can buy his books at Barnes & Noble or I was browsing around in a local bookstore recently and on the back cover of one of Harry's books it said "over one million sold."

I'd like to publish a book someday. I've had stories and short essays published, but I've never had the discipline to tackle a book. My sister, who is a very successful author, keeps telling me that I'll never get published unless I quit spending all my time writing about myself. "Nobody is interested in what you think," she tells me. It's probably true. There's certainly not a lot of people following this blog.

I ought to try and turn my dog stories in to a book. People love dog stories. If John Grogan could turn his dog Marley into a publishing home run, maybe I could do the same with Spot, or Petey or even Dot and Dash.

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  1. hello. i really enjoyed your blog! I love dogs too! actually i love all animals lol im a big cat person though (lol) and i too have a post about animals and rescuing them,i see we have a little in common being that we are both writers and both would like to publish a book! I think you may like my blog so check it out if you want to: thanks for inviting me to your blog i havent read all of it but i plan to keep coming back i love the dalmation in the pic! hes a cutieee!

  2. So, what do I think? 4:08AM? 6:05AM? I think you guys get up a lot earlier than I do. I also think that as this new blog nears the end of its first month, I'm gradually becoming more disciplined about writing again. I used to make my living as a writer, but as video production and web design started to take up more and more of my time, I just about stopped writing altogether. Writing and thinking go hand-in-hand. It's nice to be writing again.