Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 115

Dot is a good little watch dog, but I wish I could figure out a way to tell her that not everyone is dangerous. She got so upset barking at the air conditioner repairman this morning that she started peeing on the carpet. I'll look for a repeat performance next Tuesday when Marty returns to install the new thermostat he had to order. It's odd. Dot is real friendly with people when she meets them outside the house. She doesn't like people coming in the house though. Dash could care less. He slept through the entire hour long barking episode.

I went and paid the late fee for my storage space so they would take the padlock off the door. The manager said he was surprised I was late. "You're never late," he said. Wait till next year. I'll probably forget I even have a storage space. Later, when I was picking up my tax return from my accountant, he was telling me how one of his customers had forgotten to pay for their storage unit for several years in a row. "She has Alzheimer's," he told me. Jeez, maybe that's how it starts. First you forget about your storage unit, and then you forget the names of all your relatives.

When I left my accountant's office and was heading back to my car, this guy Steve I used to work with walks out of a nearby Thai restaurant and comes over to say hello. "What are you doing in there," I say, mostly because it wasn't anywhere near dinnertime. "I own the place," says Steve. Wow! That was a surprise. The last time I saw Steve, he was an art director. He's not from Thailand either. I think he was born and raised in Texas. Actually, I didn't even know Steve could cook, but if he was going to get out of advertising and open a restaurant, I would have guessed something in the barbecue family. Hey, maybe the place is fabulous. I love Thai food, so I told Steve I'd drop by for lunch sometime soon.

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