Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 116

Busy day! The Dalmatian Rescue group is having a casino party fundraiser this evening at Brookhaven Country Club. We had to go up and set up all the tables earlier today, and we'll have to take them down again after the event is over and put them all back in the trailer. These casino parties remind me of the days when I used to play bass in The Fabulous Has-Beens. What I remember most about playing in a rock band was hauling a trailer full of really heavy speakers somewhere, playing for a little while and then hauling all the really heavy equipment back home again. Since I was the bass player and also owned the PA system for the band, I always had the heaviest stuff to carry. With these casino parties we do, the heaviest thing to move is the craps table. A grand piano is easier to move than a full sized craps table. Since craps is always the favorite game at these events, we definitely can't leave it behind.

Janet and I are roulette dealers for these fundraisers. Roulette is actually my game of choice when I'm in Vegas. It's kind of mindless and relaxing, compared to poker and blackjack. It's also pure luck. I see all these players with complex roulette strategies and they don't do any better than anyone else. The only people who do really well at roulette are those who come in, put a huge pile of chips on red or black and just walk away when they win. The longer you play at roulette, the more you lose. If you play long enough, the house always wins.

I'm certainly not winning in my own house today. The shower pan is leaking and I'm even having trouble with things as simple as putting a light bulb in a socket. I still like incandescent bulbs. They have a softer, much warmer glow. Now that everyone is moving over to these new low energy florescent bulbs, you can't find well-made incandescent bulbs any more. I think they make them all in Bangladesh these days. The bulbs aren't even the right size to fit in the sockets and I often break brand new bulbs just trying to screw them in. Once again, I am being defeated by technology.

Hmm. What shall I wear tonight? Casino dealers usually wear outlandish, over-the-top watches. They're usually cheap, but have lots of bling.  Luckily, I have a few of these myself. Maybe I'll wear a cheesy Ice Master watch tonight. Or, maybe I'll wear a silly one, shaped like a guitar.

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