Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 150

Another soggy, wet day with dogs huddled under my desk, rainwater collecting on my roof and horrible traffic everywhere I drove. I fantasize about living in a place with cool, dry weather and a low pollen count. I used to live in Seattle, which was cool most of the year, but seldom dry. I've spent a lot of time in Las Vegas, which is dry most of the year, but hotter than hell in the Summer. I'm not looking for variety. I had plenty of variety when I was growing up in Alaska. Texas is full of variety too. Since I moved here I've experienced dust storms, flash floods and two tornadoes. Mild, boring weather is what I'd like to find.

When I started the blog I wasn't going to have any advertising. I wanted a clean, uncluttered look that would remind people of a classy magazine. For a few weeks, I did have a clean, uncluttered layout and absolutely no readers. Then I added Google Adsense and when that didn't bring many visitors, I added Entrecard. Where does it all end? Now I've added Adgitize. Pretty soon, my blog will look just as cluttered as eneryone else's.

There's another big dog event this weekend. This one is a combination garage sale, silent auction and pet adoption featuring over a dozen area rescue groups. I'm not even sure who is coming, but Dalmatian Rescue is bringing Nick, so he can get a little more exposure to people who might want to give him a good home. Nick is such a good looking, friendly dog that I'm amazed he hasn't been adopted yet. Hopefully, the rain will quit by tomorrow morning. Who knows. The rain might actually help attendance, since the event is being held at Unleashed. Every time we've been to the indoor dog park on a rainy day, the place has been packed.

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  1. San Diego! It's where I grew up, and I definitely plan on living there again. A HOT day is 110, which is nothing compared to Vegas. Most of the year it's sunny, warm, and nice.

    You'll have to find the balance between aesthetics and profit that works for you. Adgitize is good for a few cents a day for a daily poster with EC, like yourself. But it clashes with some layouts and slows down loading time. Ultimately, if the profit keeps you in the blogging business, then you're providing more value to your readers by keeping the ads.