Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 149

For some reason Thursdays are always the day I update the websites I manage. I don't know what is so special about Thursday, but it must have something to do with getting internal approvals. On Monday they know what they want to change. On Tuesday and Wednesday they try to find someone to approve the changes. On Thursday they give the changes to me. And of course on Friday, everyone goes home early. I never get much work on Friday.

This evening Janet and I went to a TopGolf party. TopGolf is weird kind of a cross between a driving range, a theme restaurant and a video game. You play with real golf clubs and hit regulation sized golf balls just like any driving range. What makes TopGolf unique is that inside every ball is a computer chip that tracks the distance and accuracy of your shots. You play in teams of four and try to hit targets from 50 to 250 yards away, as the computer keeps score and awards you points. It is definitely golf for lazy people. Oddly, after you've been playing a while, the whole experience seems remarkably like playing golf on a golf course. Well, I guess it's like playing golf would be like if you didn't have to drive the cart around from hole to hole and if waitresses followed you around the course, bringing you something to eat and drink every five minutes.

I'm not a good golfer. In addition to being left handed, I don't have great hand eye coordination. Other people worry about hooking and slicing the ball. If my swing connects with the ball at all, I consider the shot a success. One good thing about this TopGolf game is that you don't have to embarrass yourself looking for lost balls in the rough all the time. I do wish I could still drink though. When the rest of my team was on their fourth glass of wine, they all seemed to be having a lot more fun than I was drinking my lonely bottle of sparkling water. Too bad the liver is such an important organ. I wish it was more like the gallbladder and I could just do without it.

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  1. That sounds really, really fun. My friends and I enjoyed mini-golf sometimes, and this would work perfectly for that group.

    If your liver wasn't there, then drinking wine could kill you because you wouldn't have ethanol dehydrogenase to detoxify it. That would defeat the purpose of removing the liver. :)