Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 226

I don't think my financial adviser likes me. I have a passive/aggressive approach to investing. I generally follow my adviser's recommendations, but I'm quick to hold his feet to the fire when things turn sour. We had one of our periodic review meetings today. The conversation went like this. I would say something like "Look at this stock over here. It went up like a rocket the day after you told me to sell it." He would counter with something like "Well, look at this one over here. It's still going down after I got you out of it last month." Back and forth we'd go. With the possible exception of Apple and Kinder Morgan, there weren't many success stories. This has been a terrible year for investing. The market shows no clear direction. It just keeps zigzagging sideways on declining volume. I hate to give up though. I finally agreed to try a couple of new suggestions, probably just so I'd have something to yell at my adviser about the next time we get together.

I think I've come up with several nice looking logo ideas for my watchmaker. I set up a meeting to show him the preliminary concepts tomorrow. I hope he likes one of these ideas. You never know with logos though. They are totally subjective. The client either likes them or they don't. If a website design isn't approved, you can usually salvage the navigation or the basic architecture. If a logo isn't approved, you just start over.

I'm about ready to start over with the grass in the backyard. I had things looking pretty good last year, but this year is another story. What the dogs haven't killed this Summer, has died on its own as a result of the hot weather. I need to belong to some sort of "sod of the month club" where new St. Augustine sod would just be delivered to my backyard every month. Grass just doesn't last very long at our house.

All my usual Thursday website updates got delayed this week. They're all supposed to arrive tomorrow. If they do, it's going to be a very busy day. Even a hectic Friday is still a Friday though. I'm happy to see this week finally wind to a close.

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  1. My dad is always complaining about his stock broker too. He tends to distrust all sales people anyway and he says that stock brokers are the worst!