Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 225

More employee pictures today. Every company has a different approach to these pictures. Some make a big deal out of the whole thing, sending out memos weeks in advance with instructions on what to wear and when to show up. Other companies are so casual that they've totally forgotten that they even called me by the time I show up with my cameras. I'll spend half a day shooting pictures at one company and ten minutes doing exactly the same thing at another company. It all depends on what they want.

The primary objective of today's photo session was to get things done quickly. The pictures turned out nice, as they usually do in situations like this. Being in a hurry is fine. I start to worry though when the employees want to change outfits or start asking me if I can make them look different in Photoshop. Some people worry entirely too much about getting their picture taken. So, what makes a good portrait anyway? Surprisingly, it has little to do with what you actually look like. If you're comfortable with how you look, you're going to take a good picture. If you're uncomfortable with how you look, your picture will probably be terrible. Happy people take much better pictures than unhappy people. If you're having a bad day, try and see if you can just skip the employee pictures. I'll come back later. Some people ask me why their pictures are never any good. I feel like telling them that it's probably because they don't like their job.

Dash wouldn't stop barking at obedience class tonight. Our teacher asked me what command I used to get him to quit barking and whining. Hmm. I guess I don't know the "stop barking" command. It usually works better if I just ignore him for a while. This wasn't good enough tonight though. Tom tried to get Dash to be quiet himself, but he didn't have any better luck than I did. Personally, I just think Dash was having a bad day. He probably wouldn't have taken a good picture today either. We'll come back later, and chances are he'll be fine.

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  1. Maybe Dash has a headache. We all look bad when we are grumpy or stressed, eh?