Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 281

Everything I'm working on is in limbo. I can't take the final group portrait of the "Three Amigos" or finish the National Geographic project about the goat and dog friendship because Judy, the Great Dane, has picked up a nasty staph infection and is being quarantined at the vet until she gets better. I can't make any travel arrangements for my upcoming trip to Alberta because my German client still hasn't decided when they want to go yet. Several other projects have ground to a halt because I simply can't find my clients. I think one has gone to San Antonio for a while and the other doesn't seem to be answering e-mail anymore.

Somehow I managed to lose all my reviews on Entrecard today. They just disappeared. Customer support had no explanation. They just said the disappearance was an "isolated incident" and didn't effect other users. So, you people who took the time to write some very nice things about the blog, I'm sorry about what happened. It wasn't my fault. Maybe you could write another review sometime. That would be nice.

I've got to put something on my Twitter page. I discovered that I have several followers and I've never even written a single Tweet. The page is empty. That seems weird to me. Why would anyone follow an empty page? Several people I know think Twitter is fabulous, but I still can't seem to get the hang of it. One of my old advertising buddies is writing a novel on Twitter - one sentence at a time. I guess that's kind of cool, but I could think of easier ways to write a novel.

Our Wednesday dog training class was nice tonight. The moon was almost full and there was a very bright looking Jupiter hanging just below. I think this is the closest that Jupiter is supposed to come to Earth for the next thirty years, so I'm glad the weather cooperated and let the planet put on a show. The dogs weren't very interested in astronomy, but they certainly enjoyed the cool, clear weather. It's just too bad it's starting to get dark during class again. That was one nice thing about Summer classes. It's a lot easier to do the exercises when you can see your dog.

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  1. I think people expect that your blog feeds to twitter so they know when there is a new post.