Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 282

Well, now I can add Tweeting to my list of time wasting activities. When I discovered that my completely blank Twitter page actually had followers, I was finally shamed into learning how to use it. I can't remember how long my Twitter account has sat there lonely and unused, but it's been a long time. It was long enough for me to forget the login password anyway. I'll have to admit that Twitter does have it's appeal. It's intuitive, very easy to navigate and writing a single sentence is certainly easier than making a new blog entry every day, complete with new photography. I'm still not sure what to actually use Twitter for, but I guess I'll Tweet again. It's just too easy. I can see why network news anchors and advertising people become addicted to this thing. Twitter may just be the perfect communication tool for a shallow person like myself.

Actually, I wish I had the time and energy to do more things online. I'm always impressed by those people who manage to keep a dozen different blogs running at the same time. Maybe I should start some other blogs. I could start a blog called Overheard Bicycle Conversations. Every day while I'm walking the dogs in the park, groups of cyclists whiz by us on their bikes and I hear a single sentence of their conversations before they disappear in the distance. Today I heard a guy say "My mother didn't even come to my first wedding" as he passed us on the bike trail. Yesterday I heard someone say "Well, you know he has cancer, but he hasn't told her yet." That's all I hear. A single sentence and then they're gone.

It looks like the writing assignment in Alberta is going to happen. The Germans haven't decided on a date for the interviews yet, but they're writing me now about how they plan to pay me. That's always a good sign when people start talking about money. Back when I used to write a lot of annual reports, I could do a 1,500 word article in my sleep. Now it seems kind of long. It's certainly longer than the 140 characters you're alloted in a Tweet. I like that little countdown thingie on Twitter that shows you how many characters you have left to write. Maybe I could add something like that to Microsoft Word so I would know how many characters I had left in my writing assignments.  Counting down from 180,000 characters might be depressing though.

I can't believe that Mondo has won the challenge on Project Runway for two weeks in a row. I really didn't like the look he created tonight at all. By the way things looked coming down the runway, I thought Andy should have won. What do I know though.

Damn! The upload pictures button on Blogger isn't working again. Now, I've got to load the Dalmatian and watch of the day pictures on my web server and link back to them. Come on Google. I've got Twittering to do.

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  1. Ha! I love the overheard conversations idea... what a great story starter.