Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 283

Bees have taken over the Eastern side of our house. There must be thousands of them. I guess the bees have been there a while, but I only started noticing them a few days ago. This side of the house just looks out at the neighbor's fence, so I seldom look out the windows. I really don't know how to get rid of these bees. If I get up on a ladder to get close enough to the hives to spray, I'm sure I'll get stung. They aren't honeybees either. I think they're hornets.

Sometimes I wish I lived on the 27th. floor of a downtown high rise instead of at the edge of a nature preserve. I love animals, but I get tired of finding lizards in the shower with me and I don't ever want to see a live rat jump out of the toilet again. After that happened I had to put heavy wire mesh over all the standpipes on the roof. Some of our neighbors have found entire families of raccoons living in their attics. Personally, I'd much rather see wild animals through a pair of binoculars than having to chase them around the house.

I wish I wasn't so busy. I used to love going to gallery openings on Friday evenings, but I just can't seem to get organized anymore. I kinda wanted to go to the iShow opening at PDNB Gallery this evening, but by the time I got my work wrapped up and the dogs walked, the opening was over. The show runs through October 9, so maybe I'll go see it later. It sounds interesting. A bunch of well known commercial photographers display pictures they took with their iPhones.

On the way to Central Market today, I zoned out and forgot where I was going. I was halfway to a client's office before I remembered that I had actually set out to get groceries. I hate when I do that. I'm fairly absent minded and daydream a lot, so this has definitely happened before. Not that long ago, I set out for a client meeting and wound up in my doctor's parking lot instead.

The annual Dalmatian Rescue golf tournament is this Sunday. It's going to be a very busy weekend!

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  1. You will need to call someone to help you with that...someone told us of a policeman who did this on the side and he came and had to get an extension ladder and smoke them out and I believe he got the honey with queen bee. We live within the city limits and had to get 6 raccoons and 6 opposums out from under our house by the city with cages where there was a craw space and they were eating cat food from my neighbor who I just found out after she moved, had 25 cats up in her house. So they would eat at her house and spend the day sleeping at my house and tearing the insulation and duct work out. Just caught a mouse in my bedroom on a sticky pad and opened the back door just now and a lizard came if the dog don't get it, I guess the cat will. I think we live in crazy times right now and get more confused everyday....Glad I got that all off my chest...hope you get the bees taken care of and then you will have to hire a carpenter to replaced the boards that they are going to tear up trying to get the bees out! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the information on bee removal. I'm not all that knowledgeable about flying insects, but I think the only reason I was able to remove the critters was because they turned out to be wasps instead of bees. Real honeybees can be almost impossible to remove. I remember one of my neighbors had beehives under an old doghouse in his backyard and tried to remove them with gasoline. He ended up setting his yard on fire.