Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 305

I always try to stop by and see what Terri Stone has been doing during the annual Fall Studio Tour. She always has something new and interesting on display and the hot dogs she serves are good too. It's not really a gallery opening. It's more like a big backyard party with lots of steel sculptures on display. I didn't buy anything during this afternoon's visit, but it's always fun to window shop. I'm convinced that Terri's work is going to wind up in museums someday and I'll be able to say I used to work with her on Taco Bueno ads.

After visiting Terri's studio, I headed North to distribute posters for next week's Halloween pet picture event. We've got a great location this year, but I'm not sure we've done a very good job of getting the word out. I should have put the posters up two weeks ago, but of course two weeks ago we didn't even know we were doing the pictures. Needless to say, this is a typical last minute animal rescue event. You just take advantage of the opportunities you get and hope for the best. I'm hoping for a good crowd. If any of you live in the Plano, Texas area, please stop by the Three Dog Bakery next Saturday and I'll take a fabulous picture of your dog. If you don't have a costume for your dog, come anyway. We'll still take a nice picture.

I couldn't find anything when I did the grocery shopping this afternoon. Why do stores keep moving the things you normally buy to a different aisle every few weeks? It's irritating. I know they want you to discover new things and buy even more stuff while you're looking for the paper towels, but constantly rearranging the merchandise isn't a good formula for happy customers. Sam's Club is the worst about this. Nothing is ever in the same place when you go to Sam's. At any rate, I finally found everything on my list and headed home.

I've got another Dalmatian in costume for you today. This time we've got Camp appearing as a "shovel ready project."

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  1. Thank you. I have finally found a "shovel ready project" with a purpose.