Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 306

There weren't as many dogs to walk when we went up to the K-9 University kennels this morning. This is good news. It means than many of the dogs we have been walking this Fall have found homes in recent weeks. Wendy went to her new home several weeks ago. Yesterday, Hobbs went to his new home and Neo went to a foster home. Lance will go to his new home next week. Maybe someday soon we won't have any dogs to walk at all. So far, that has never happened. As soon as we find one dog a home, we usually discover another stray that needs our help in a nearby pound or animal shelter.

After walking the rescue dogs, we went out and bought a bunch of pumpkins to use as props when we do the Halloween photo shoot next Saturday. Ann said she'd bring a bale of hay. That ought to be plenty to create a simple Fall harvest theme. I thought it would be a good idea to keep the pumpkins inside so they'd stay nice looking when we got home. I didn't realize that Dash would think of them as brightly colored balls to play with. Just as soon as we got them all inside, he began slapping the little pumpkins all over the living room floor like tennis balls. Now, we've got pumpkins on every available shelf to keep them out of his reach.

One thing is certain. Last year's pumpkin shortage is over. There are plenty of fresh pumpkins, as well as the canned variety everywhere. Prices are pretty reasonable too. Since pumpkin is a great source of fiber, we like to put a few tablespoons of canned pumpkin on top of the dog's food at dinner time. It was just about impossible to find the stuff last year. Often we had to resort to buying expensive canned organic pumpkin off the Internet.

I've been reading some articles about SEO this week. While I'm not a huge fan of search engine optimization, I'll have to admit that I am a bit curious to see whether mentioning the word pumpkin nine times will bring me any new readers.

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  1. Maybe it will get you some Cinderella fans who are hoping for a coach.