Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 341

Everything is back to normal again. All the photo equipment and unsold merchandise from the Dalmatian Rescue store is back in the storage warehouse until our next event. The house is semi-livable and the dogs are relieved to see that it's just another dog day Sunday. Ranger, the dog I picked up last week, is finished with his initial veterinary exams and is back up with the other Dalmatians at K-9 University. While we were walking the rescue dogs this morning, I took some additional pictures of him, so I could get him up on the website and find him a home.

After lunch, our own Dalmatians got their regular Sunday outing to the Wagging Tail Dog Park. Unlike last week, time the park was open this time and both dogs had a great time. Dash is finally starting to regain the confidence he was showing last year at Unleashed. He's getting better about riding in the car as well. Progress is a slow journey with Dash, but eventually he gets there.

I'm glad we're headed into a short week. I've been so busy this Fall with work and multiple rescue events that I'm looking forward to a few days of doing as little as possible. We don't entertain on Thanksgiving anymore and use the day as an excuse to discover a new restaurant instead. After going out for a tasty Thanksgiving brunch, we always drive up and give the Dalmatian Rescue dogs their holiday treat. Janet boils a chicken breast for each of the dogs and they get to eat this instead of their normal kibble. You haven't seen a happy dog until you've seen a stray with a fresh chicken breast for dinner. People ask me sometimes if I miss seeing family on holidays. Not really. The dogs have become my family.

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  1. Happy, happy dogs! I wish we spend T-day helping someone else, but we don't do much of anything.