Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 340

I'd hate to be a shopping mall Santa. Shooting Christmas pet pictures can make the most strenuous yard work seem like a walk in the park. I just take the pictures too. The real hard job is being Santa. Santa gets peed om, scratched and occasionally bitten. The Santa suit becomes unbearably hot after sitting on the set under quartz lights for hours on end. For me, it's just hard on my knees. One minute I'm down on the floor shooting a Chihuahua and the next minute I'm dealing with a pair of Great Danes you could ride like a pony. People are picky about their pet pictures too. The ears have to be a certain way, and nobody seems l to like their dog's tongue hanging out. All in all, I think we did pretty well today. We were busy from 9:30 AM until after 4 PM and I think Dalmatian Rescue made enough from the event to pay for knee surgery for one of our rescue dogs.

The event at Camp Bow Wow today was the first of three we have scheduled for the holidays. Sometime before Christmas we have another casino party too. I'm tired already and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. I kind of wish all the events were back-to-back, so I wouldn't have to take all the equipment back to the storage warehouse tomorrow. With the events spaced two weeks apart however, there's really no choice other than packing things up and then unpacking everything again two weeks later.

I'm trying to decide whether to send out Christmas cards this year. Since I'm a photographer, I used to do elaborate photo cards every year. Nobody seems to send printed cards through the mail anymore. Last year we got very few. People still send holiday greetings, but mostly it's those animated e-mail cards from Smilebox. I guess I still like the printed cards better, but doing another photo card would just be adding one more thing to an already long to-do list. We'll see how much energy I have left after Thanksgiving.

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  1. Well, judging from that picture, I'd say the owners are getting their money's worth. Sounds like a LOT of work, though.