Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 359

I wish I could find the brake pedal and slow down the rest of the year a bit. There is simply too much going on. Tomorrow evening, Dalmatian Rescue is hosting another casino party and it's time to be a roulette dealer again. On Saturday it's going to be another long day of pet pictures at Waggin Tail Dog Daycare. I've got to have surgery next Tuesday. Oh, and next week is my blogiversary too. I've been wanting to do something original and exciting, but I still can't decide what to do. It will probably be a last minute decision, like everything else in my life.

My Dad would have been 93 today if he were still alive. He passed away quite a while ago though. It used to be easy to remember his birthday because it was two days after Pearl Harbor day. Now, I find it hard to remember anymore. I find it hard to remember a lot of things. I've been on Facebook long enough now that the friends from high school are starting to resurface. Some of these people I remember well, but others don't even ring a bell. I think my brain is kind of like a tape loop. Everything in the present tense is sharp and clear, but before these experiences can find a permanent home in my long-term memory, they all get erased and replaced by something new.

There wasn't much worth remembering today anyway. I spent a couple of hours doing year-end accounting. I went to the post office and bought a roll of stamps and some envelopes. I called Marquis Whos Who and asked if they would stop the ridiculous amount of spam they were sending to my inbox everyday. Turns out it wasn't the real Who's Who that was sending the mail. It was a scam designed to capture your identity. Somehow I kind of suspected that. It also turns out that I'm not even in the Who's Who in America book anymore either. They said I went so many years without updating my profile that they just dropped my bio from the book. Oh well, easy come, easy go. Did I want to be reinstated? Hmmm... Not really.

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  1. I feel the exact same way. There is so much going on and so little time to deal with it all, is it because the Holidays are just around the corner?

  2. My life remains very un-busy... a job would help.