Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 358

I discovered today that some of my recent pictures of Mow the goat and his dog friends are featured in a story by Diane Herbst on the popular website. The pictures looked good and they even gave me a photo credit. Diane also writes for People Magazine and Newsweek, so maybe the famous goat will wind up on the cover of Newsweek one of these days.

Too bad you can't tag animals on Facebook. I've noticed that the pet pictures I took at last Saturday's Santa Paws event are starting to pop up all over the place on people's profile pages. People love these pictures. I'd be more that happy to take pet portraits year round, but unfortunately there isn't much demand unless I'm donating my time at an animal rescue event. I guess it makes sense. At the rescue photo events I participate in, you can get a package of pictures for $30 that would cost $400 or more at my normal day rate.

I wish I could tell you about a new client or an exciting project I was working on. Nope. Not today. It wasn't that kind of day. I spent my time punching new holes in Santa's wide black leather belt because Santa lost a little weight this year. Tomorrow I need to wash the Christmas backdrop at one of those laundromats with the huge washing machines because some of the dogs peed on it last week. You definitely don't want the smell of dog pee on your photo backdrop, because then all the dogs will insist on peeing on the same spot. Such is the life of a pet photographer.

None of the dogs were very well behaved at training class tonight. It was too cold. Most of the dogs in our class looked like they'd much rather be sitting at home in front of the fireplace, instead of doing obedience excercises in a cold and windy field. I don't blame them. They'd better get used to it though. It's a long time until Spring.

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  1. That really is a great photo, John!
    The goat blends in so well... ;-)

  2. I am reminded of a nice photo I have of the first two dogs we owned as young marrieds. I never had a professional wedding pic, and my mom was really upset about it. She wanted a photographer friend of ours to take a wedding picture of me 2 years after the fact. I wasn't (am not) very interested in getting dressed up, so I agreed only if he would also take a pic of the two dogs. And so, I have a silly pic of me in a wedding dress with hair that is about a foot longer than on my wedding day, and a nice picture of two smiling dogs.

  3. Cute, the goat is standing so proud..wonderful friendship. ^_^