Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 434

Whenever I turn on the TV lately, it's hard to tell whether I'm looking at Wisconsin or the Middle East. People are angry everywhere. My natural reaction is simply to turn off the TV and go on about my business. Unfortunately, that doesn't always solve the problem anymore. I can't even drive from one side of the city to the other anymore without encountering a bunch of road rage impaired drivers. I don't know what people expect. The world is just not going to become any simpler, whatever we do. There are so many of us now that we may never collectively agree on anything again.

All this chaos is one of the main reasons I have grown to prefer the company of dogs. Helping find a dog a home is a simple thing, but it is satisfying. I usually don't feel like rioting at the end of the day. I was happy this afternoon to discover that the ConnectionPoint Systems FundRazr team has featured our Dalmatian Rescue fundraising success story right on the landing page of their website. This "success story" is good exposure for Dalmatian Rescue and the money we raised using the FundRazr has definitely helped one of our dogs get some very expensive surgery that he needed to return to living a normal life.

All I want is to live a normal, uneventful life myself. Maybe that's all the rioting people on TV want too. It's not going to be easy though. We've managed to build a house of cards that the slightest breeze can blow over. Today Baidu and Apple, my two best stock picks in several years, dropped like stones on the winds of uncertainty. The news wasn't even all that bad, but people still didn't like it. That's why I try to provide the dogs with as much certainty as I can. They need it too. This evening, they had their dinner at 4:30 PM and took their evening walk at 5 PM, just like they always do. We'll do the same thing tomorrow too. Sometimes it is good to be boring.

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  1. Maggie definitely likes "boring"- walks at 11 and 4, dinner (preferably before 6 which is my scheduled time, but she starts begging at 5), the daily "cookie" after the morning walk, lying at my feet under a blanket in the evening.

    And we are due for a walk right now! See ya!

  2. Yup, boring can be very good. I would love to live away from it all!