Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 433

Oops. I was supposed to launch my new website next Sunday instead of yesterday. Now, my client knows, like everybody else, that I typically don't have a clue what day, or even month it is. On the plus side of things however, we were able to resolve the little hiccups surrounding a site launch a full week ahead of schedule. I guess if you've lost track of the time, it's always better to be early than late.

Our yard looks 100% better now. The leaves are bagged and sitting out on the street, waiting for the trash truck to pick them up tomorrow. Dead limbs littering the ground have been removed. Bushes have been pruned and trimmed. We'll wait until it gets a little warmer and then I'll till the soil and put in a new turf of St. Augustine Grass. If experience is any guide, this will look great for a month or two and then the dogs will tear it up again.

In the course of this afternoon's cleanup activities I discovered why so many birds have been coming over to the office window. There were hundreds of spiderwebs, each full of dead bugs. The birds must have thought that this side of the house was a supermarket. There was all the food they could have ever wanted, just waiting for them in the webs. I went over to this largely inaccessible side of the house to get rid of any remaining bees nests before the bees returned, but I ended up getting rid of spiders instead. We are inundated with all manner of critters trying to find a way inside the house. Sometimes I win and other times the critters do. I do envy those who live in spotless 17th floor high-rise apartments with great views and no critters though.

The dogs really enjoyed today. It was one of those rare days where the temperature was absolutely perfect. We just left the back door open while we worked in the yard. Dot and Dash wandered in and out all afternoon. I'm sure they think that this is how it should be every day.

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  1. Sounds like you had a very productive day. The weather has been very pleasant lately where I live too.

  2. Wow- door open, wandering in and out- I remember those days... they show up sometime. You don't have a city compost service for those leaves?

  3. For some reason, I always know what day it is. Probably because I have so many volunteer commitments on top of work that it is the only way I can get everything done. Congrats on getting a Web site done early. That doesn't happen very often.