Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 462

The news wasn't good about my air conditioner at the rent property. I need a new one. The compressor has gone bad in the existing unit, and they're having trouble finding a replacement compressor. It's looks like game over for the big green box up on the roof. Since the unit is technically a heat pump, it means I will be replacing the furnace too. Since it is up on the roof, it means I will need a big crane to lift the new unit in place. All this is beginning to make last month's plumbing problems look like nothing at all. It's a pretty safe bet that I won't be making any money on this particular property for the rest of the year.

I had to take a bunch of K-1 forms over to my accountant today so he could finish my taxes. It's weird to me that I even get these forms. I certainly don't feel like I'm a partner with anyone. Legally, I guess I am though. I have a small interest in commercial real estate in one part of the country and an even smaller interest in a few oil wells in another part of the country. Neither of these things are making me any money either.

I wonder if it is even possible to make money anymore if you aren't a lawyer or have something to do with the healthcare industry? I know lots of talented writers, designers, architects and photographers and none of us are exactly getting rich. Competition, globalization, outsourcing, you name it: it just isn't easy to be a small business these days.

Enough negativity for one day though. There were some good things that happened as well. I'm almost caught up on my website work. I delivered several photography jobs today that I've been promising for weeks. I'm still in the running for the big trade show project in Houston too. If I get that one, I'll be all smiles for a while.

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  1. Making any money seems to be really difficult. Yearly tax appt is this afternoon. I think we made the least ever last year. Really low.