Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 463

The dogs had the right idea today. All they wanted to do was lie out in the back yard and soak up the sun. It was certainly a good day for sunbathing. The sky was blue and the temperature was just right. Too bad I had a lot of work to do inside. It certainly wasn't interesting work, but it had to be done. I added half a dozen new pages to one client's website and corrected a bunch of errors in another. I paid some bills, went to the bank and watched an episode of Dr. Who. Basically, it was a totally uneventful day.

Maybe the dogs like uneventful days. They both did exceptionally well in class tonight. Their performance might have had something to do with the nice weather, but I think it was the sun that put them in a good mood. We had our training class while the sun was still up for the first time this year. This is probably the only good thing I have to say about Daylight Saving Time. Finally, we don't have to have our classes in the dark anymore.

The team I put together for the trade show in Houston is starting to call and ask me whether we got the job or not. My tenant at the rent property is asking when the new air conditioner is going to be installed. Animal rescue volunteers are wondering when my "Gone with the Wind" poster is going to be done. I don't have any answers today. I probably won't have any answers tomorrow either, but I do have a photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. No animals in costumes this time. Just some more new employees who need to go up on the company website.

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  1. Sounds like a productive day, even if you didn't get to go outside.