Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 467

Change of plans. It looks like it's going to rain later this week, so we decided to finish planting all the grass today. New grass needs tons of water, and if we can get the sod in place before the rains start, so much the better. Janet, Brad and Travis walked the rescue Dalmatians this morning, while I ran a grass convoy with the Defender 90. I can only carry 25 squares of sod at a time, so it has taken quite a few trips to Miller Grass to get all the grass we needed.

It's weird. Miller Grass is very near the battery store where I buy watch batteries. A single square of St. Augustine grass and a single watch battery cost almost exactly the same thing. Both last about two years. I wonder which purchase is more worthwhile. Both provide initial pleasure, followed by long-term frustration. The frustration with the grass is that it doesn't last longer. In theory, the grass should keep growing forever, but it never does. I don't expect the watch batteries to last forever, but you'd think the watch manufacturers would make it a little easier to replace them. Even though I have all the proper tools, I still end up scratching some of the watches just trying to pry the back cover off to get the battery out.

Just two days ago the temperature was in the 80's. Now, it's back down in the 40's again. I guess this is just a normal March, but it still seems kind of strange. I was so cold today that I had to dig out a couple of sweaters I had already put away for the Summer. We even turned the furnace on again today. Actually, the cooler weather is kind of nice. I might as well enjoy it while I can, because another Texas Summer is on its way.

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  1. It is 5 degrees here right now. Supposed to make 47 by the end of the week.