Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 466

Yay! We have grass again. Well, at least we have some grass. When I was picking up sod at Miller Grass this morning, I overheard one of the grass guys tell someone ahead of me in line to buy twice as much as they thought they would need and everything would work out right. I only bought what I thought would be enough to cover the backyard, and as a result, I'll have to go back and buy some more tomorrow.

Planting the grass was a family affair. Dash dug big holes in the dirt while Janet and I arranged the squares of St. Augustine sod. Dot supervised, as she usually does, by barking at Dash when he got too rowdy. It seems like there ought to be some sort of tool that would allow you to easily cut the sod squares to fit irregular shapes, but I haven't found one yet. We have lots of curved pathways and borders in the yard and every time we would come to one of these areas, we would have to cut the sod to fit using shovels or tree trimming tools. I need to go to Home Depot and see if there is a better way of doing this. Probably, most people just have rectangular yards and it isn't a problem.

Friends and even some other bloggers seem to think I shouldn't be having the problem's I'm currently having getting a new heat pump installed at my rent property. Believe it guys. This is an old Bud Oglesby building. I've known other people who have lived in Oglesby homes who had to jack hammer all the way through the concrete slab under their living room floor just to fix a minor plumbing leak. Old things are usually hard to fix. Old Oglesby buildings are always hard to fix. There must be some sort of logarithmic curve that defines the cost of repairs based on the age of the object being repaired. At any rate, waiting fourteen days for a replacement heat pump is nothing. I once had to wait over six months to find a water pump for my 1972 Citro├źn Maserati. Come to think of it, I've been waiting over a year for a small mechanical part on an old Omega watch I'm having repaired.

I downloaded the Time Warner app that is supposed to let you watch TV on your iPad. They've been advertising this thing on TV and after seeing the commercials over and over again, I finally got curious enough to give it a try. I don't know why Time Warner even bothered to release this app. It's totally worthless. Remember when you used to try to watch YouTube videos on a real slow computer? That's what the app is like. You watch TV for about fifteen seconds and then everything freezes while the next little segment is buffered in memory. After doing this several times the iPad runs out of free memory and the whole thing crashes. I think I'll just continue watching TV on the television.

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  1. Try a small tree pruning saw to cut sod.

  2. I totally believe you about fixing old buildings. And I don't envy you! Love today's dog. We had an Australian Sheep Dog once with a black/white face like that