Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 1212

What a difference a day makes. When I went to bed last night, it was warm enough to turn the air conditioner on. By morning, the temperature had dropped 40 degrees and condensation caused by the rapid cooling covered the windows with dew. For the third or fourth time this season, I had to dig out my goose down ski jacket to walk the dogs. Winter just won't give up this year.

Since the cold front that blew through town last night was accompanied by copious amounts of rain, I re-arranged the living room furniture and strategically placed a few buckets on the floor before the dogs and I left on our morning walk. When we returned, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were no leaks and no water in the buckets. There was still plenty of water to sweep off the roof, but I must have done a better job of patching than I thought the other day.

Like most rainy days when I am more or less confined to the house, I got a lot done. I updated two websites, wrote an article about Ron Johnson's demise at JC Penny, and still had time to get all my April invoices posted and in the mail. Since there wasn't much to choose from in the refrigerator, I thought I'd try my new online to-go menu at a nearby restaurant right across from the post office. I placed my order as I got in the car with my letters and my dinner was ready and waiting for me as soon as I had finished mailing them. No waiting at all! I was impressed and will definitely be using this convenient new way of ordering take-out again.

No dog training class tonight. It was far too wet and way too cold to be parading around a muddy field with two Dalmatians who would rather be home anyway. I think Dot and Dash had the right idea. After tramping around on the roof for an hour with the big push broom, I had no desire to get wet all over again. I turned up the furnace a bit, used the new juicer to make myself a pitcher of fresh orange juice for tomorrow, and settled down to enjoy my Mango Tilapia take-out dinner. I'm not picky anymore. Any day where it rains and the roof doesn't leak is a good day to me.

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