Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 1295

I love my new gym. It's amazing how easy it is to exercise when you're at a place where exercise is the only thing you can do. I've never been a self motivated person. If you put a stack of work in front of me, I'll always do it and never miss a deadline. If you don't put a stack of work in front of me, I'm perfectly content to do nothing at all. It's pretty much the same with exercise. I think this new gym will work out well. It provides the ideal environment to do things I wouldn't naturally do.

I picked this gym, because I was once hired to make a video about it. I guess the place stuck in my memory. I remember thinking at the time that everyone using the facility was pretty old. Ironically, I am now older than anyone I included in the film. I like this place because it's not your typical LA Fitness full of buff looking young people with washboard abs. This is a dedicated cardiovascular center full of people recovering from heart attacks. Even with a dislocated shoulder and no upper body strength, I can hold my own with these folks.

It's too bad I can't bring Dot with me. She needs physical therapy even worse than I do. I've been thinking of taking her to one of those low impact water treadmills to build up her leg strength again. We've taken some of the rescue Dalmatians to these water therapy facilities and they work great. Since my gym is virtually empty during the afternoon when everyone is at work, maybe I could propose a "bring your dog" day to the management. Dot would love the place. It's air conditioned to just the right temperature and there is no irritating pollen in the air to cause allergies.

I've got a lot more writing work this week than I anticipated. You'd never know it was a holiday week at all. Wouldn't it be weird if I started looking at the gym as a place to get away from the writing and relax for a while? It could happen. I found the facility surprisingly quiet and peaceful. It was just me, a handful of heart attack rehab patients and a couple of off-season athletes working out with free weights.

I don't like my Klout perks anymore. I used to get nice things like dog blankets and magazine subscriptions. Now I get tickets to vampire movies. Who do they think I am?  I have absolutely no interest in vampires, unless they happen to be part of a Dr. Who episode.

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