Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 1333

Dash had another seizure this morning. This new episode comes only a few weeks after the previous one, so it looks like the days of one seizure every four years are over. I'm beginning to recognize the different stages a dog goes through during a seizure, so I'm not quite as panicked now when these episodes begin. Seizures are still frightening events though. They can occasionally become life threatening events, so it's still important to take your dog to a vet as soon as you can after a seizure has occurred. Luckily Dash's seizures have never been prolonged or life threatening, so I've never had to deal with the complexities of getting him to the vet while he is still having convulsions.

Dash's veterinarian wanted to keep him for observation for the rest of the morning, and I reluctantly agreed with her that it was time to put him back on phenobarbital again. I hate the thought of Dash being on a strong barbiturate like phenobarbital for the rest of his life, but the thought of these seizures becomeing more frequent and more severe is even worse.

While Dash was at the vet, I drove up to the Land Rover dealer to see if the harmonic balancer I'd ordered had arrived yet. It turns out that the part had actually arrived several days ago, but they'd never gotten around to telling me about it. I guess we all have different priorities. I want to get this engine vibration problem resolved as quickly as I can. When it's 106 degrees outside and you have a dog in the car, the last thing you need are mechanical problems. I'm still driving the Defender, but at least I've got a service appointment scheduled for next week now.

I stopped for breakfast at a restaurant near the Land Rover dealer on the way home. This place has gotten rave reviews, but I was a bit disappointed. I guess I've gotten spoiled, since one of the best breakfast spots in the entire state is right in my own neighborhood. Maybe I just can't handle salt anymore. My meal was tasty, but it was way too salty for my taste.

Dash was completely normal when he returned from the vet, but it took me a bit longer to get the house back to normal. It is common for dogs to salivate excessively and urinate during a seizure and the bed was a mess. Not only did I have to wash the pillow cases, sheets, and comforter, I had to take the mattress pad off and wash it as well. I really feel bad when Dash has these seizures. His appear suddenly, usually on waking up, and are quite violent. Dot seems to be able to anticipate her infrequent seizures and has learned to go to a quiet place and lie down before the seizure starts.

Since there was also quite a bit of work to complete during this eventful day, I'm exhausted now. I think I got everything finished though. The dogs are resting quietly, the bed linen has been cleaned, all pending articles have been completed and e-mailed to the clients, website fixes are in place, and August invoices are in the mail. I hope the weekend is completely boring and uneventful.

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