Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 1610

I sold the Citroën SM today. It would have been nice to see the car one last time, but the aircraft hanger where I've been keeping it for all these years was too far away. The buyer, a nice young Dutch guy who seemed very excited about restoring the car, just came over to the house and gave me the money in exchange for the car's title. I think the old non-running Citroën Maserati will be packed in a shipping container and be loaded on a boat to be restored in Holland.

I was always hoping to restore the car myself, but it just wasn't meant to be. The car has been moving from one mechanic to another for almost fifteen years now. These increasingly rare mechanics, the ones who were familiar with working on Citroën automobiles, kept retiring, downsizing their life, or just losing interest before they ever got around to fixing my car. When my current mechanic admitted that he'd probably never find time to fix the car either before he retired himself, I finally realized it was finally time to give it up. Citroëns belong in a museum now. It's a shame. The SM is still one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen. It was Motor Trend's Car of the Year in 1972. Those were the best of times. We were still going to the moon back then and I was one of the youngest creative directors in Seattle. I drove the car to work every day in the early 1970's. Those days are just are a distant memory now. I know I took photos, but I can't even find a picture of the car anymore.

Dot did really well during her physical therapy session today. I'm a little concerned that she's losing interest though. She used to be really excited to go for her acupuncture and water therapy, but now she seems reluctant to get in the car. We've slowed the pace down a bit, but I still worry a bit that the exercise might be hard on her. It's got to be helping though. No other Dalmatian I've ever had has been anywhere near this healthy and active at Dot's age. It doesn't matter if you're an old Dalmatian or an old ad guy; exercise and a good diet are essential cornerstones in maintaining a healthy life. So, even though Dot and I would both prefer to be eating and sleeping, we'll continue to stay as active as we can.

A cold front passed through town along with yesterday's rain. It must have been 40 degrees cooler at our house this morning. I even had to turn the furnace on again. The dogs loved the cooler weather though and took one of their longest walks this month. This won't last long unfortunately. It is supposed to be back in to 90's again before the end of the week.

I have a feeling that much of what currently resides in my storage warehouse will eventually suffer the same sad fate as my cherished Citroën Maserati. Like they all say, you can't take it with you.

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