Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 1646

When computers eventually control everything and nobody remembers how to control the computers, we're going to be in big trouble. I can already see this starting to happen. Just about all my clients and suppliers have invested in some sort of automation system. Maybe it's a phone system. Maybe it's a database in the cloud somewhere. Whatever it is, nobody really understands how it works. Everyone's happy with the money they're saving until the thing quits working properly and then they're just confused. Generally, they don't even know what went wrong.

Today, my insurance agent called and told me he thought I had a brick house, but that his records said that I now had a wood frame house. "Jeez, you've been over to my house," I told the guy. "You know it's made of brick." "Well, could I come over and take some pictures," he asked me. "I'm having trouble with the underwriters. They want to believe what's in the computer." How do these things happen? My agent had no idea how the bad information had gotten into the database.  He didn't even know when the mix-up had happened. Everything we do these days is in some sort of database. What's amazing to me is how often this information is wrong.

I looked around the house for stray gift cards before I went to pick up Dash at the cancer center this afternoon. Today was one of those days when he got a new supply of chemotherapy meds, so I knew there would be a big bill. I was hoping that we were nearing the end of chemotherapy, but after a consultation with Dash's oncologist, I learned that they want him to continue taking the Palladia medication until the end of August at a minimum. We've got two more months to go, with a possibility of an additional two months after that. The good news is that Dash is responding to the drugs well and there don't appear to be any adverse side effects. The bad news is that this is getting to be very expensive.

I was pleased to see that Dash's tail survived the day at the cancer center, but then it started bleeding again while we were at training class this evening. The healing process is definitely a "three steps forward, two steps back" proposition. The tail is getting better, but there are many small setbacks along the way. It's hard to fault Dash on the slow healing process, however. This is an injury caused by Dash's generally happy disposition. I want him to be happy. I just wish he wouldn't wag his tail so vigorously.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm going to do the best I can to look at the day as a glass half full.  There's no sense to being half empty on your birthday.

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