Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 1692

The dogs love our unseasonably cool August weather and enjoyed being out in the yard today. There was a nice breeze that blew away most of the mosquitoes, so we were able to enjoy the outdoors longer than I expected. While I kept an eye on Dot to make sure she didn't fall down or get herself in trouble, I managed to get a bit of gardening done. As the dogs sniffed the air for new scents, I pulled weeds and tidied up the yard. It's nice to see Dot enjoying herself again. She still moving around very slowly and her rear legs are a bit shaky, but there's a look in her eyes that tells me that a burden has been lifted. I think that the intestinal tumor had been bothering her for a lot longer than we knew.

I'm out of shape. It's amazing how quickly things can go downhill without exercise. A week in the hospital on IV fluids erased almost an entire year of rehab work with Dot. Several weeks away from the gym has erased a bit of my own progress was well. I was winded after today's workout, even though it was no different than any other. My goal for the rest of the year will be to help Dot get strong again while doing my best to stay strong and fit myself. Neither of us are getting any younger, so it is important to keep moving. If I can emulate Dot's determination and tenacity, we should both be fine.

Tomorrow we go back to the cancer center for Dot's first post-surgery evaluation. I hope the doctors are as impressed with Dot's progress as we are. Considering the seriousness of her situation a few weeks ago, she is doing amazingly well. Hopefully, if her doctors think she making good progress, Dot may soon be able to resume her water therapy and acupuncture. Her rear legs have been weak before and the physical therapy she's been receiving this year has really helped.

We almost made it through the night last night. Dot didn't need to go outside to pee until almost 4 AM, instead of the 2 AM wake up call we have been getting used to lately. With any luck, her incontinence will continue to diminish and we'll all be able to get back to enjoying a good night's sleep in the near future. You can't rush recovery though. Getting better has its own time schedule and you have to be patient.

With Dot's recent emergency, it's easy to forget that Dash is still being treated for cancer as well. Today I noticed for the first time that his hair is finally starting to regrow in the smooth bald area on his neck where he received the radiation treatments. If Dot continues to do as well as Dash has been doing this Summer, we'll have two healthy, cancer free dogs again before Christmas. I'm hoping for the best when Dot's oncologist examines her tomorrow.

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