Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 2748

I can't get used to how long the days are. The sun is already high in the sky by the time I wake up and doesn't set until well after dinner. The sunrise and sunset walks I used to take with the dogs don't work out as well in the Summer. I still try to walk Dash as early as I can, but usually it's already too hot. I guess I'm ready for Fall even though Summer has barely begun.

I had a lot of errands to run today. Some were for me and others for Janet. I was surprised that the roads didn't seem that crowded for a holiday. I guess a lot of people have left town. It probably didn't take a long time to figure out that if you took Friday off and added the two day Fourth of July holiday the next week, you could have a nice five day holiday without taking any sick days.

We're definitely not going anywhere. Dash doesn't like to ride in the car and Janet is not very mobile until her doctors say it's OK to remove the drainage tubes. Luckily, the air conditioner is working good and there is plenty to watch on Netflix. I don't think I'd like to go to a lake or the beach on the Fourth of July anyway. It's way too crowed for me.

I"m still getting used to using Sierra on my computer. Like most upgrades I've made in recent years, the computer seems to run slower than it did before. New operating systems and old computers are not always a good match. I would have preferred to leave everything the way it was when I bought the computer in 2011, but that's not even an option anymore. Planned obsolescence is what keeps the tech industry so profitable.

I had to revisit the website I was in a panic about updating yesterday. It was so hard to update things without having access to Dreamweaver that I inevitably forgot some things. I went back and repaired my work today and was grateful that the new version of Dreamweaver I installed still worked. The only thing weird is that it doesn't save my login passwords anymore, forcing me to reenter them each time I upload something. I have a hard enough time remembering my own passwords. Remembering all my client's login information is almost impossible.

I guess sometime this week I'll go down to the county clerk's office and try to get my passport renewed. If I've got to stand in a line for a while, it's probably best that I do it while Janet is at home to look after Dash. I hate to leave Dash alone for a long time, since he has a history of seizures.

I've just about given up on going to see the eclipse. If I fly, there will be no rent cars available at my destination, and if I drive, the only way to avoid horrendous traffic jams would be to arrive two or three days ahead of time. I just don't have the time or money to spend a week on the road just to see a two minute event. The good news is that there will be another total eclipse that can be seen in Dallas in 2024. I certainly hope to live that long, but will I still be living in Dallas? We'll have to wait and see.

As usual, I don't have any plans for tomorrow. I need to try to contact the landscaper and find out why he hasn't put in our new grass yet. I'm getting tired of cleaning mud off Dash's paws every time he goes out to pee.

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