Sunday, February 11, 2018

Day 2971

It snowed for about two minutes today. I hope that's all we get this Winter. I delayed going to the gym a bit because it was so cold that I was afraid the roads would ice over. I needn't have worried. Within two hours the snow was gone and the roads were completely dry.

After converting to a high speed fiber optic network yesterday, I was disappointed to discover that my WiFi can still crash. Damn. Since only one computer was affected, I began to suspect that the network wasn't the problem. I did some more research and learned there have been ongoing compatibility issues between AT&T and certain Apple operating systems. As usual, nobody seemed to agree on what the solution was. Some people thought the new IPv6 internet protocol was the problem and suggested that I turn it off. I never knew it was on by default. Maybe this happened when I upgraded to Sierra. I eventually figured out how to revert to IPv4 and rebooted my computer. So far, so good.

I hope we haven't upgraded our network for nothing. We've now got a connection capable of streaming 4K movies, but we don't even have a 4K TV. I asked Janet if she noticed any difference in our new service and she said no. I guess that makes sense. Standard definition movies play pretty well on a much slower connection. The only reason I wanted the faster connection was to eliminate WiFi crashes. That didn't happen. Oh, well. I think this is all Apple's fault.

I've noticed that the younger people at the gym are all doing interval training. They have short periods of intense activity followed by short periods of resting. Maybe this is better than spending twenty minutes on the treadmill slowly raising your heart rate. I guess I do circuit training. I move from one machine to another, concentrating of a different set of muscles each time. I never vary the intensity. I don't know if I'm cut out for interval training. Any activity that involves physical or mental intensity seems foreign to me. Even when I'm exercising, I prefer a steady, consistent pace.

I also prefer that all dogs be on a leash. Dash seemed eager to take an afternoon walk, but shortly after we got started, he saw two dogs running loose in the park and refused to go further. We had to turn around and go home. The dogs were probably harmless, but I couldn't get Dash to leave the house for the rest of the day. I wonder if people who let their dogs off leash in a public place even realize how much trouble they cause for others?

I haven't watched the olympics at all this year. I keep forgetting that it's on right now. I used to like to watch the ice skating, but I don't even know who the top skaters are anymore. Occasionally, I'll see something about the olympics on TV, but it's more about Kim Jong Un’s sister than about the performers. I only mention the olympics because they were showing the curling competition on TV at the gym. I saw a YouTube video recently showing team USA curling with cats. Is this a thing? I suspect the video involved some clever CGI, but it could be real. Almost anything could be real these days.

I thought the third season of The Expanse was going to start soon, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait until Summer. Right now Summer couldn't come soon enough. I'm sure that as soon as it arrives I'll be looking forward to Winter again. I'm apparently not very good at living in the moment. I'm always waiting for something better.

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