Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 16

It really didn't seem that long ago that we were awaiting the arrival of a new millenium. Ten years ago tonight, I was optimistically awaiting the year 2000. In 1999, even the Tech Bubble hadn't crashed yet. The Internet was the new frontier and there was money to be made everywhere. In 1999, we toasted in the new year with Dom PĂ©rignon. In 2009, we bought a bottle of Cristalino at Sam's Club. I never dreamed the entire decade would be such a downhill slide. My health deteriorated. My wealth deteriorated. Almost everything I thought was a sure thing in 1999 has been turned upside down.

Greta died in 2004. Petey died a few years later in 2006. Animal companions weren't the only losses however. I also ended the decade with far fewer human friends than I started out with.

There's not much point in looking back though. I'm not Dr. Who. Even though I ocassionally wish I could go back in time, I can't. You've got to keep looking forward. There's really no other choice. Who knows. Maybe I'll learn to text next year. Then again, maybe I won't. The way I see things, I'm texting right now. What would be the point of writing shorter, more garbled prose from a mobile phone?

I know it is going to be a better year in 2010 for three Dalmatians. We went down to VCA Loop 12 and took pictures today of Humphrey, Spot and Nick so we could add these new orphans to the Dalmatian Rescue website and find them a home. Maybe finding homes for dogs is as good as it's going to get. Not a bad life really. And on that note, a wish a very Happy New Year to anyone who might be reading this.

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