Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 12

Nothing is easy anymore.  I stopped by my vet on the way home from walking the rescue Dalmatians to get some more food for Dash. Like many Dalmatians, Dash needs a low purine diet. We're been feeding him Hills u/d and I pick up a large bag about every three weeks. I've always thought the u/d prescription diet was a common item, since there were bags and bags of the stuff every time I needed some. Now, it is apparently a special order item, since even smaller businesses have discovered the benefits of inventory control. Damn!  One more thing to add to a growing list of things I need to plan for in advance.

It's irritating how much the world has changed in the past ten years. Not that long ago, the rent property I own in Oak Lawn always had a waiting list of people wanting to lease the place. I just assumed that it was always going to be this way. The building was designed by Bud Oglesby and won a major AIA Award the year after it was built. It's a beautiful place in a desirable part of town. Nevertheless, for the first time I can remember, the property has sat vacant for months. Tastes have changed. People want something larger. They want two bathrooms. They want a laundry room. Oddly, these things never mattered before during boom times. In the middle of an economic depression however, they seem to be deal breakers.

My doctor wants to do a EGD test on me this coming Wednesday. I can't even find anyone to drive me to the hospital. It's kind of pathetic. We start out in life with dozens, even hundreds, of friends that we mostly take for granted. By the time we arrive at the other end of life's journey, we're lucky if we have even one or two real friends left.

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