Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 40

It was standing room only when I took Dash to Vheas Laundromutt for his weekly bath. We've never had to stand in line for a bath before, but the weather was beautiful today, after an unusually long string of rainy days. Probably people wash their dogs the same ways they wash their cars: when they just can't stand the mud anymore. Dash is a regular at the Laundromutt. He has a skin condition that requires a special medicated bath at least once a week. We've watched Vhea's business grow and prosper since she took over the place from the previous owners. It's nice to see a small business succeed. Especially one located right in the neighborhood.

It was also nice to see that Unleashed had all the promotional posters that we gave them for our upcoming Valentines Day pet picture event prominently displayed throughout the dog park when we took Dot and Dash to play later in the afternoon. Hopefully, this pet picture event will be a big success. When Dalmatian Rescue has done these type of fundraisers before, we've been working in much smaller venues, so this could be a good opportunity for us.

I've started noticing that many of the same people come to the dog park every Sunday afternoon. Maybe we aren't the only ones who spend their entire weekend catering to the needs of their dogs. There are certainly other things that need to be done. I could have gone up on the roof and cleaned off all the leaves. I could have gone down to the rent house and made sure there weren't any dead bugs on the floor to scare away potential tenants. I could have gotten a head start on next week's website updates.  Naw...I think all these things can wait.  It's a beautiful day and the dogs need to play.

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