Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 43

I love the new iPad. Even though all I really need anymore is a Big Chief tablet and a number two pencil, I'm probably going to be first in line to get one of these amazing little gizmos. The iPad was clearly designed for consumers of content. That's OK. Since so many people in the Mac community are creators of content, it won't be long before you can input an HD video stream wirelessly into your iPad, do your editing at Starbucks and then upload your finished video straight to a post house for distribution. There'll be an app for that. There'll probably be special versions of Dreamweaver and Final Cut Pro that are optimized for use on the iPad as well. So, what will I use my new iPad for? I don't know. Most of the e-mail I get is spam. When clients send me e-mail, I try to call them back on the phone to avoid spending thirty minutes typing a response. I guess I could watch a movie on the iPad, but it's probably still more enjoyable to watch movies on the big TV in the bedroom. Probably the most useful thing I could do with an iPad is show clients their new websites and videos somewhere where it's quiet rather than have them come over to the studio and be barked at by the dogs. Oh wait...I can already do this with my laptop.

So, there you have it. I need a new iPad about as much as I need this blog. I'd hazard a guess that you can't even change the batteries yourself and I'll have to send it back to Apple in California and pay $400 to get the battery replaced. Been there. Done that.

I got some more pictures rejected by a stock photo agency today. Maybe I just don't understand stock photography. I ought to, since I certainly buy enough of it. Nevertheless, rather than send the stock agencies the same type of pictures I buy (like a simple, well lit fork or salt shaker) I foolishly try to send them something "interesting" that I think shows off my vision as a photographer. Eight times out of ten, I get back a polite little note saying that the photo "doesn't meet our needs."

I'm not complaining. I do understand what's going on. It's just can't bring myself to take pictures of salt shakers. Maybe I'm a lot like my dog Dash. We go to dog training class in an hour or so. We've been going every Wednesday evening for several years now and Dash knows every command perfectly.  On rare evenings when the stars are aligned and the weather is perfect, he'll go through all the exercises flawlessly and win a ribbon. The rest of the time he just doesn't give a shit.

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  1. Apparently the market just can't have enough "Salt Shaker" shots... You never know when you will need one, and it just isn't the same to go to your kitchen and snap your own.