Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 59

The power went out for about five hours today. I often forget how dependent we've all become on electricity. No power means no heat, no lights, no telephone and no Internet. With floor-to-ceiling glass in almost every room, the house got cold really quickly. We did still have hot water, since there is a gas water heater in the house, but that was about all. Given a choice, I'd much prefer to lose power in the Summer than right in the middle of the biggest snowstorm Dallas has seen in twenty years.

With all my meetings canceled and no real reason to stay in the house, I took the dogs on a long walk in the snow. It was slow going, since the snow came up to the dogs bellies. Snow didn't seem nearly as wondrous to them today as is did yesterday. Within thirty minutes we were all completely cold and wet and I headed home again. Eventually, the power came back on and life returned to normal.

I hope the bad weather doesn't keep people away from Unleashed tomorrow. We're doing the second weekend of our Valentine's Day pet picture benefit for Dalmatian Rescue and it would be a shame if nobody showed up. I'm trying to get all the batteries charged up on my equipment this afternoon, just in case the power goes out again this evening. Batteries are definitely on the shopping list this weekend. When we woke up to no power in the wee hours this morning, I discovered much to my chagrin that most of the flashlights in the house had dead batteries.

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