Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 67

Today, I drove down to Oak Lawn and spent some time cleaning up my rent property. It shouldn't get dirty since it is still empty, but dust seems to accumulate anyway. I really need to talk to my leasing agent. The place has been vacant way too long. I'm still competing against developers with brand new half empty high-rise condos in the same neighborhood. It's amazing how much has changed in just a few years. People used to wait in line for a chance to lease this building and now it has fallen out of fashion.

Mid-century modern buildings are deceptive. They look crisp and contemporary, but they are really antiques that would make good candidates for renovation on "This Old House." I always find something that needs attention when I go down to the rent house. Today, I noticed that a toilet was running. Not a big deal, but I do need to call a plumber.

Saturday errands seem to take longer and longer to complete. It was almost dark before I finished the grocery shopping and headed home to take the dogs on their evening walk. At least the days are getting longer. Pretty soon we'll be able to go out for a walk at 7PM and the sun will still be up.

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