Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 69

Today was one of those "bite the bullet" days where I was forced to acknowledge that even the most unpleasant tasks have to be dealt with eventually. I lowered the monthly rent on my rental property in hopes of finally getting it leased. I went to Home Depot and got lots of stuff for fixing leaking toilets, leaking sinks and leaking roofs. I even made some new business calls to people I know would be unpleasant to work with if they ever gave me a chance to bid on something.

The weather continues to be totally unpredictable. Two days ago the temperature was in the 70's. Today it's below freezing again. I think it's supposed to snow again later in the week. I always try to do unpleasant things on days like this because I'm not expecting very much anyway. I paid some bills. Tried to find some missing tax records. Probably about the most pleasant thing I did all day was eat a leftover pork chop for dinner.

Unleashed invited us to have an Easter pet picture event down at the dog park. I'm sure we'll take them up on their offer. Dalmatian Rescue had a lot of sick dogs last year and there are still plenty of vet bills to pay.

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