Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 86

I could sum up today's activities in a single sentence. Got up, worked at the computer all day, went to bed. I'm at one of those tedious points in a website where I have to write content for a lot of empty pages, resize pictures to fit the layout, create little animated sequences and then spell check and correct all the stuff I wrote in too much of a hurry. Every time I'm faced with filling a new site with content, I'll wish I'd made the whole thing smaller and less complicated. I guess it's worth the effort though. Lots of pages mean lots of chances for Google to find you.

I wish I could say I finished everything today, but realistically I'm facing four more days exactly like today. After I grew weary of working on website stuff, I ate a quick dinner and went to an animal rescue board meeting. The photo I initially wanted to use for marketing this year's Wine on the Roof fundraiser got voted down by the group and a different photo I'd taken the same evening was selected instead. The photo everyone liked best is cute, but there are several problems. Nobody seemed comfortable that a boy dog was wearing a girl's dress. "Can't you just take his wee wee off in Photoshop," said one of the ladies. Personally, I think it would be a lot easier just to tell folks the dog was a transvestite. People are so picky. Hey, it's a cute picture. That should be enough.

I've got to remember not to eat any breakfast tomorrow morning. I've got to go in for an ultrasound test and the doctor said I have to fast. I wonder why? I understand why you have to fast before you have blood work done, but this is a sonogram of my liver.  Oh well, I'll just eat breakfast when I get home.

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