Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 89

It was a beautiful Spring day. There was a time when a day like this would have been a good excuse for a picnic or an afternoon at a street fair. Not today. Instead of a picnic in the grass, I hauled a ton of dead leaves and brush out to the curb in anticipation of bulky trash day. I'm not even sure when they pick up brush in our neighborhood anymore, but for the past several days I've been seeing huge piles of everything from leaves and brush to old furniture and rusty water heaters accumulate in front of our neighbor's houses. I figure that bulky trash day has got to be soon. Dallas has cut back on city services so drastically lately that you really hate to miss bulky trash day. If I don't get all this crap out of the yard today, it will probably sit here until Summer.

Unleashed was almost empty this afternoon. It was such a nice day that everybody was probably outside with their dogs instead. I think Dot and Dash liked the quieter atmosphere in the park though. Dash was more playful than I'd seen him in a long time. After the dogs had their play time, we went to Terri Stone's new gallery opening. Janet and I have known Terri for years and it's amazing to see how she's developed as an artist. Her new show is fabulous! I have a few Terri Stone sculptures, but I can't really afford her work anymore. She gets big commissions now and I see her sculptures standing in front of public buildings when I drive around town.

It seemed like everybody in Dallas spent the afternoon at the lake behind our house. The place was a zoo. I think I like the lake a lot better on cold misty days when the dogs and I have the place to ourselves. I can almost guarantee that there will be trash everywhere when we go on our walk tomorrow morning. The city has nice looking trash containers all over the place, but nobody even bothers. They just dump their trash on the ground and leave.

Daylight savings time starts today. This means I won't have to worry about walking the dogs in the dark for another six months. It also means I'll have to re-set every one of my watches.

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