Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 93

There are days when I think I've got way too much on my plate. I'm designing three new websites at the moment and manage five others. There are several photo shoots every week, and at this time of year there's also a ton of pro-bono design work for the two animal charities I'm involved with. I'd like to work at a more relaxed pace, but with budgets continuing to shrink, you've got to do a lot of work to make any money at all. Experience has made me a lot faster and more productive, but it certainly is tiring. I feel like I'm running on one of those hamster wheels. Round and round I go, but I'm still in the same place.

Maybe if I didn't see the Pelicans this morning I wouldn't have been two hours behind all day. I thought all the White Pelicans that spend the Winter at the lake behind our house had already migrated, but I saw four of them on a log near the shore while I was walking the dogs this morning. I knew this was probably my last chance to get a good photo for the year, so after I took the dogs back to the house, I got my camera, a long lens and and a tripod and returned to the lake. You have to be patient with birds. All the Pelicans were interested in doing were scratching themselves and shitting in the water. Eventually they looked up though and I got a few decent shots.

After I finished with the Pelicans, I went over to one of my clients and took photos of new employees for their website. All in all, I think the Pelicans were easier to photograph.

One reason I like Project Runway so much is that I can relate to the way the contestants never have enough time, but somehow still manage to meet their deadline anyway. Tonight's show was pretty good. I liked the Chinatown inspired dress with the paper dragon detailing, even though it didn't win.

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