Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 96

There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground when we went up to walk the Dalmatians at K-9 University this morning. I don't think Kobe, LeBron and Lance had ever seen snow before. They certainly seemed to enjoy it. All three dogs raced around and kicked up snow like it was some new kind of toy. It was kind of amazing to get this much snow so late in the year, even though much of it had melted by mid-afternoon. The one place the snow didn't melt of course, was up on my roof. Once again, I had to get up on the leak-prone flat roof and sweep it all off.

I'm getting so forgetful. I've had a 4 PM meeting on my appointment calendar for several weeks now. Wouldn't you know, I forgot the meeting entirely this afternoon and went to Unleashed with the dogs just like I usually do. I probably still wouldn't have given this meeting a thought if I hadn't happened to look at the calendar after dinner to see when I have to have my tax information ready to take to my accountant. Oops.

Next week is a minefield of things I could potentially forget. Several projects are due next week. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, instead of Tuesday like I usually do. I think an animal rescue meeting has been moved to Thursday, although this isn't on my calendar at all. I have to leave myself little notes all over the place to have even a ghost of a chance of remembering all that I need to do in an average week. It's not that I'm disorganized. It's just that I am terrible at multi-tasking. I tend to get involved in one thing and forget about everything else until I get that one thing is finished. I enjoy working. I just don't like scheduling. Luxury for me would be to have an appointment secretary who would keep everyone at bay and continually re-schedule things until I finished what I was working on and then, when one task was completely finished, would hand me something new to do. That's not very likely though, so I'd better start posting little notes around the house for next week.

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