Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 112

When I took my car in to be serviced this morning, the dealer gave me a new Land Rover as a loaner car. It would be nice to have a new car again. I like the smell of a new car. My car smells like a thousand dogs have ridden it. I like all the new high-tech gizmos that weren't even invented when I bought my car. Janet's car has one of those GPS map displays that you can program to take you straight to your destination. I'd love one of those. The one thing I wouldn't love is making car payments again. I'd rather just wait until I can afford to pay cash. That's why I still faithfully take my car in at regular service intervals. It's probably going to have to last me for a long time.

Spring is definitely here. I can tell because my allergies have returned with a vengeance. I'm allergic to grass pollen. Every Spring when the Bermuda grass starts to grow in my neighbor's lawns and the Johnson grass begins to grow in mine, my eyes start itching and my nose starts running like a faucet. Antihistamines help somewhat, but I hate the drowsy feeling you get from taking too many antihistamines. Also, if you take antihistamines during the entire allergy season, they just quit working. After a couple of months, your immune system builds up a tolerance for the drug and it starts to lose its effectiveness.

The dogs usually give me a bad case of poison ivy sometime during the Spring as well. Poison Ivy is probably the most common plant in the park behind our house and the dogs inevitably run through a big patch of the stuff when they are trying to catch squirrels. I usually don't even notice until the next morning after one of them has curled up with me for the night. Benadryl for the allergies and Prednisone for the poison ivy. It's all part of Spring's unique magic.

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