Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 134

I wonder why people are so eager to new launch products and services before they're ready for prime time? I called my pharmacy to re-order a prescription this morning and the phone message said their service had been improved. With the old service you could call in a prescription and pick it up an hour later. With the new "improved" service, you have to wait until the next day to pick up your prescription. I noticed something similar on Blogger yesterday. They had improved the interface to make it easier to upload pictures and video. There was only one problem. The new improved interface didn't work and you couldn't upload pictures at all. It took me a while to figure out how to get yesterday's Dalmatian on the blog. I finally just put the picture on my own server and linked back to it. I notice that Blogger has gone back to the old interface today. Good for them! At least they can admit they made a mistake. My pharmacy stubbornly still insists that their new slower service is actually better.

Dash won a ribbon again tonight at obedience class. Other people in the class always seem surprised when Dash wins a ribbon. They shouldn't be. Dash knows all the commands. He just isn't very obedient. He was playing his best game tonight though. I was impressed. Dash probably wasn't very impressed with me. The pollen count was high today and my allergies were terrible. I must have gone through a whole pack of Kleenex sneezing and blowing my nose as we were doing the training exercises.

As soon as I got the printer working again and started printing the Mother's Day posters for our upcoming pet photo event, I ran out of roll paper. I'm getting to be a regular up at Imaging Spectrum where I get my printing supplies. I'm convinced that Epson could just give these large format printers away and still make a profit. Every year I spend more for paper and ink than the printer cost in the first place.

I have to take Dash to the vet tomorrow for a sonogram. It's weird. I had a sonogram myself just a few weeks ago. The two of us seem to have similar medical problems. I had to give up Martinis to give my liver a rest. I wonder what Dash will have to give up.

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