Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 144

Today was filled with animal rescue events from dawn until well after dusk. We went down to Unleashed early this morning to set up for the Mother's Day pet picture event. I didn't photograph quite as many dogs as I'd hoped, but everyone we did photograph went away happy. We depend a lot on walk-in traffic for these events and it was such a beautiful day that there wasn't a big crowd at the indoor dog park. It's good practice though, even on days like today where we don't get a great crowd. Each time we do one of these events, we get a little more professional. The Dalmatian Rescue volunteers who help with the pet photos are really quite good. We joke that we could all do this for a living now if we wanted to be poor.

The pet picture event was over a little after three this afternoon, but by the time we packed up all the equipment and got home again it was time to take Dot and Dash on their evening walk and eat a quick dinner before the second rescue event of the day. Tonight was the annual Wine on the Roof gala for East Lake Pet Orphanage. I took the photo and did the design for this year's poster, as I do every year. I remember that these events were pretty simple when we first started doing them seven or eight years ago. The rescue group has grown up in recent years. Over 300 people attended tonight's event, including Kinky Friedman and Ruth Buzzi. I had my picture taken with Kinky several times and I made sure to remind him that I voted for him for governor in the last election. Actually, I'll vote for just about anyone who didn't start out as a lawyer or a judge. I voted for Ross Perot once too. Let's just say that I don't have a lot of faith in politicians. At any rate, Wine on the Roof was a big success this year and Janet and I enjoyed ourselves. It would have been a little more fun if I could still drink wine, but you can't have everything.

I'm cutting things real close today,  but it looks like I'll still get the blog posted before midnight. Now that I've posted something for 144 days in a row, I'd really hate to miss a day.

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