Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 147

Against my better judgment, I went down to the Apple store and put my name on a waiting list for a 3G iPad. No wonder Apple stock is doing so well. The store was packed full of people trying to buy a product that wasn't even available yet. The sales people couldn't even tell you when it was going to be available. "It won't be long," a friendly guy in a black Apple T-shirt told me. Then he added my name to an electronic list and said I'd get an e-mail when my iPad arrived. I've convinced myself that I need one of these new iPads because it seems like a fabulous way to show a photo portfolio to potential customers.  Never mind the fact that I can already show a nice looking photo portfolio to just about anyone with the laptop I already have. Never mind the fact that many people would rather look at photographic prints instead of electronic images anyway. I've made up my mind. I need one of these iPads.

What a boring day! I think this blog would be more interesting and probably a little easier to write if I just changed the name to "A liar's journal" and wrote about interesting, imaginary things I'd like to do instead of telling you what I actually did. Real life can be exceedingly uneventful. If I didn't have the Apple store to talk about, I'd have to resort to telling you about ironing shirts and cleaning toilets. Oh, I guess I did make some phone calls and sent out several e-mails this afternoon trying to track down the status of various jobs that clients have decided to put on the back burner. I generally prefer cleaning toilets to these type of calls. At least you wind up with a clean toilet.

I've got some more employee pictures to take tomorrow. The job ought to be fairly easy because this company tends to hire good looking employees. I dread these type of jobs when all the employees are fifty pounds overweight and have two double chins. I really try the best I can. I tell everyone to open their eyes wide and not to squint. I explain the importance of a warm natural smile. I tell folks that if they look up a bit instead of down, the double chins will go away. It usually doesn't work. You'll never be able to please people who don't want to be photographed in the first place. I don't understand why some companies insist on putting up website pictures of their employees when the employees don't want to be photographed. And just so you know folks, if you're fifty pounds overweight and aren't wearing any makeup, I can't turn you into Heidi Klum in Photoshop. I'm a photographer, not a magician.

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