Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 166

It was a nice, quiet day. I'm glad when I get an opportunity to use the words nice and quiet together in the same sentence. It doesn't happen all that often. Deuce got adopted today and he'll go to his new home tomorrow. We've also have some new volunteers who are helping us with walking the rescue dogs on Sunday mornings. Things are looking up at Dalmatian Rescue.

When I took Dash over to Vhea's Laundromutt for his weekly bath, I noticed that a baby bird had fallen out of its nest near the dry cleaners next door. At this time of year, birds routinely fall out of their nests in our neighborhood. Most of them get eaten immediately by cats, but this one looked like it still had a chance. I told Vhea about the bird's predicament and she found a tall ladder and carefully placed the bird back in its nest. The nest happened to be right in the middle of the letter "O" in the dry cleaner's sign in front of the building. Birds seem to like to make nests in outdoor signage. A few years ago, a bird made a nest in the sign in front of Janet's company and managed to catch the sign on fire when the illuminated letters turned on at night. Birds have also made a nest in our mailbox several times and we've had to put up an alternate mailbox until the eggs hatched and the baby birds flew away. Once, a substitute mail carrier wasn't looking and dropped mail in the box on top of the birds and caused an uproar at the post office. All the regular mail carriers knew about the birds and were rooting for them to make it. I had to make a special grate that would allow the mother bird to feed the babies, but would still keep mail out. To this day, I don't know what that substitute mail carrier was thinking. I had placed a giant sign right next to the alternate mailbox that said "Mail goes here. There are baby birds in the other box."

After several attempts, I finally figured out how to make multiple photo albums on my iPad, I need to remember that this thing is not a little computer; it's really just a giant iPod touch. As a photographer, I wish there was a better way of adding and deleting photographs. It's kind of a pain to have to hook it up to another computer and synchronize photo albums using iTunes when all you want to do is delete a shot that you think sucks. I can't complain too much though. Once you finally manage to get the photos into the iPad and arranged the way you want, they really look wonderful.

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